Castle Creme Egg.

Preparation Time: 5 - 10mins

Serving Size: 1

Our very own take on the classic creme egg. Delicious caramel, white chocolate and vanilla combined in a chocolate edible shot. Great fun for easter.


  • 20ml Castle Glen's Maidens Dream Creme Liqueur
  • 20ml Castle Glen's White Heaven Creme Liqueur
  • 5ml Castle Glen's Vanilla Liqueur
  • 1 Hollow chocolate egg


  1. Cut top off your hollow egg to make a vessel for the shooter, the best method is to heat up your knife and simply gently push through the egg.
  2. Pour in Maidens Dream creme.
  3. Pour in White Heaven Creme.
  4. Add a few more drops of Maidens to create a small circle for the "yolk".
  5. Pour in Vanilla Liqueur.