Chardonnay & Semillon Wine

Castle Glen Chardonnay & Semillon Wine

2002 750ml $30.00

The wine is warm, rich and full flavoured with distinctive toastiness as well as citrus freshness. Stylish and sophisticated with beautiful fruit bouquets on the nose. The ageing in the bottle creates perfect complexity, quality and the harmonising of the grapes. The harvesting time of this magnificent wine was crucial to its making, with the perfect grape acidity level. The ripe peach and pear aromas are pure. The clove aromas are partly related to the cool climate grown Chardonnay. A perfectly balanced wine - the texture is viscous without oiliness and with a dry finish without hardness.

Only Castle Glen Vineyard grown grapes, selectively handpicked are used in this unique preservative free wine.

No added sulphites or preservatives

SERVING: Chilled in Wine Glass

ALC/VOL: 15%

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