Pecan & Hazelnut Liqueur

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500ml $50.00

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not available 500ml $50.00

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with Gold 500ml $60.00

not available Plastic Refill Bottle 2L $152.50

Castle Glen’s Pecan & Hazelnut Liqueur is created using a unique blend of medium roasted pecan nuts and hazelnuts. This Pecan & Hazelnut Liqueur is matured into a rich, sweet, sublime nutty liqueur. Taste and soft palate feel is often considered to be like maple syrup.

Gold Medal - Champion Liqueur - Australian Distilled Spirits Awards 2015.

SERVING: Serve neat, on the rocks, pour over pancakes or waffles. Makes a great addition to your favourite cocktail giving a unique twist.

ALC/VOL: 18.00%

Reviews (3)

  • Gabrielle Griffin  - 23/05/2020
    The hazelnut flavour is clear and tasty. A very smooth texture. This is my favourite liqueur.
    • Don Lamb  - 15/04/2020
      A Wonderful tasting Liqueur to the last drop
      • Tara Brady  - 04/02/2020
        Makes for the perfectly sweetened coffee!