Macadamia Liqueur

375ml $33.00

375ml $33.00

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Castle Glen’s Macadamia Nut Liqueur is created using roasted Queensland Macadamia Nuts – fermented and fortified for a smooth and buttery palate, with a prominent flavour of sweet nuts and a hint of vanilla.

Bronze Medal - Australian Distilled Spirits Awards 2018.

SERVING: Enjoy straight, on the rocks or mixed with a little rum and milk. It also makes an excellent dessert drink or in your coffee for a liqueur coffee with a difference.

ALC/VOL: 18.00%

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Reviews (3)

  • Vanessa Owens  - 22/06/2020
    • Janice Diatschenko  - 25/04/2020
      Apsolutly delish in cooking deserts
      • Dean Clark  - 22/04/2020
        Very Nice