Black Knight Premium

Castle Glen Black Knight Premium

375ml $45.00

500ml $65.00

720ml $75.00

Plastic Refill Bottle 2L $191.50

Castle Glen Distillery’s Black Knight is a rich Aniseed spirit, smooth, fresh, intense and warming. It is made with three different varieties of anise; the green anise, the star anise and soft local fennel.

Silver Medal - Australian Distilled Spirits Awards 2016.

SERVING: Serve neat (straight), on the rocks, with water or your favourite coffee.

ALC/VOL: 35.00%

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  • Ellen Crank  - 12/04/2022
    If you love strong liquorice and strong liqueurs, this is amazing! (And so pretty, too)
    • Dulise Maxwell  - 18/03/2022
      Black sambucca on steroids!
      • Kerry-Ann Klein  - 12/03/2022
        yum aniseed flavour loved it