Old Maidens Liqueur

Castle Glen Old Maidens Liqueur

1998 375ml $28.00

1998 700ml $48.00

Castle Glen’s Old Maidens Liqueur - Vintage 1998 - has been created using fresh ripe stone fruit grown on the Granite Belt – Peaches, Nectarines, Plums and Apricots. The blend of stone fruit is fermented and fortified with Brandy and aged in Oak Barrels for 22 years - a technique that captures the full sweetness and intensity of the stone fruit in their natural state. The liqueur is distinctive, full bodied and rich. Perfect with thickened cream as a cocktail or served on the rocks.

SERVING: On the rocks or as a cocktail

ALC/VOL: 18%

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  • Tara Bopf  - 23/10/2023
    I would never have thought to have even looked at this one let alone buy it but when I had the taste test - yummy, yummy, yummy! Really smooth, very tasty! Love it!
    • Ainslee Jones  - 24/04/2022
      As close to perfection in a bottle as you can get!