Mini Pack 03 - Creme Liqueurs


Passionfruit Creme Liqueur 65ml
– Created using our Passionfruit Brandy, aged until smooth and velvety on the palate, giving rich sweet fruity notes. 

Coffee Creme Liqueur 65ml
– Created with our unique Coffee Brandy using only the finest double roasted arabica coffee beans, giving rich and creamy notes of strong coffee.

Coconut Creme Liqueur 65ml
– Created using our Coconut Brandy, giving rich sweet coconut notes and a velvety-smooth feel on the palate.

Buckin Cowboy Creme Liqueur 65ml
– A delicious blend of our own warm Rum, Dark Chocolate and Hazelnut Liqueurs for a decadent combination.

Banana Creme Liqueur 65ml
– Created using our Banana Brandy, giving indulgent, rich, sun-ripened banana notes.

Castle Glen Australia Crème liqueurs are a world first with “no dairy, no fat and no egg products”, just perfect for those with allergies to dairy products and/or vegans.