Mixed Liqueurs Pack 10


Vanilla Liqueur 65ml
– Vanilla Liqueur created using fermented vanilla beans from Madagascar which are fortified. The richness of the vanilla beans imparts a strong, intense, sweet, spicy and aromatic liqueur.

Cinnamon Liqueur 65ml
– Cinnamon Liqueur is created using fermented Ceylon Cinnamon Sticks that are fortified. The richness of the cinnamon makes for a strong, intense, sweet, spicy, and aromatic liqueur.

Elderflower Liqueur 65ml
– Castle Glen’s Elderflower Liqueur is created using elderflowers, a small white starry flower that blooms through the spring and summer. The elder flower is steeped in alcohol to extract its unique floral bouquet and blended with white chocolate.

Toffee Apple Liqueur 65ml
– Sun-ripened apples grown at the Castle Glen orchard are fermented and fortifed with toffee, making this sticky apple liqueur a real indulgence. A delightfully sweet apple liqueur inspired by toffee coated apples on a stick at the local Easter Show.

Honey Mead - Manuka 65ml
– Manuka Honey is well known for its medicinal qualities as well as its luxurious taste. The Manuka honey has been transformed into an after dinner treat that is sure to drench the senses in the sweet softness of honey.