Mixed Liqueurs Nut Pack 2


Coconut Liqueur 65ml
– Roasted desiccated coconut blended with Castle Glen’s premium sugar cane rum, a slow fermentation and fortifying process to develop a decadent coconut nose and rich coconut taste.

Hazelnut Liqueur 65ml
– Roasted hazelnuts matured into a rich, pungent, sweet, nutty liqueur with tones of vanilla.

Pecan & Hazelnut Liqueur 65ml
– A sublime blend of medium roasted pecan and hazelnuts matured until rich, sweet with a soft palate feel.

Macadamia Liqueur 65ml
– Roasted Queensland macadamia nuts, fermented and fortified for a smooth, buttery liqueur on the palate.

Almond Liqueur 65ml
– Medium roasted almonds matured into a rich, velvety-smooth liqueur of sweet almond.

Pistachio Liqueur 65ml
– Medium roasted small batch pistachios matured into a velvety-smooth, unique liqueur perfect for cocktails and cooking.