Medal Winning Pack 4


AWC 5 YO Wheat Whiskey 65ml
– Double distilled wheat malt aged in Oak for a minimum of 5 years with minimal filtration and no added caramel, neutral spirit, flavourings or additives.

Bitters - Aromatic 65ml
– A secret blend of natural herbs and spices used extensively in cocktails.

Silver Knight Liqueur 65ml
– A unique herbal liqueur/spirit made from ground herbs, fruits, roots, and spices that are steeped in water and alcohol for 2 – 3 days, then filtered and stored in Oak Barrels for about a year.

Lemoncello Liqueur 65ml
– Silver & Bronze Medal Award (ADA) – A well-rounded liqueur made on Queensland lemons, creating a harmonious intensity of aromatic fresh lemon to make this an exceptional aperitif.

Orange Brandy Premium 65ml
– Strong, bittersweet orange notes followed up by the distinct matured Brandy for a nice complexity.