Medal Winning Pack 3


Butterscotch Liqueur 65ml
– Butterscotch caramel and hints of vanilla spice matured until a velvety smooth liqueur.

Black Knight Premium 65ml
– Rich and intense fortified star anise spices from three different varieties, green, black, and soft local fennel.

Pecan & Hazelnut Liqueur 65ml
– A sublime blend of medium roasted Pecan and Hazelnuts matured until rich, sweet with a soft palate feel.

Musk Stick Liqueur 65ml
– Musk Thistle oil blended with white chocolate for a sweet, fragrant, floral liqueur tasting just like Musk Sticks.

Cherry Liqueur 65ml
– Organic Granite Belt black cherries fermented and fortified for a sweet, full-bodied liqueur that is exceptional as a warming aperitif.