Medal Winning Pack 2


Yellow Strega Liqueur 65ml
– A blend of citrus and anise go into this unique liqueur which lingers sweetly on the palate and is perfect for a digestif after a heavy meal.

Golden Knight 65ml
– Peppermint Schnapps style liqueur with notes of herbal root.

Hazelnut Liqueur 65ml
– A luxurious liqueur of intense hazelnut with tones of vanilla.

Peppermint 65ml
– Double distilled local peppermint for a fiery explosion of minty spice, balanced with a mellow sweetness.

AWC 4 Year Old Single Malt Whiskey 65ml
– Double distilled Premium Single Malt Whiskey aged in Oak for a minimum of 4 years with no added caramel, neutral spirit, flavourings, or additives.