Medal Winning Pack 1


Bishops Choice Premium 65ml
– A harmonious, silky smooth Queensland Whiskey Liqueur with aromatic citrus spice, overlaid with warming malty notes of butterscotch.

Ginger Liqueur 65ml
– Queensland grown ginger fermented and fortified to create a full-barrelled bite of ginger spice that lingers long on the palate.

Mandarin Eau de Vie 65ml
– Mandarin spirit infused with mandarin skins for a unique and complex taste sensation of the mandarin fruit.

Royal Mint Liqueur 65ml
– A fusion of Peppermint spirit blended with White Chocolate for an explosive mint liqueur that has a velvety smooth finish.

Tia Marica Liqueur 65ml
– The finest double roasted Arabica coffee beans with Australian cane spirit for a rich, timeless coffee liqueur.