Mixed Liqueurs Pack 4


Amoure Liqueur 65ml
– A sweet, fragrant liqueur with hints of fruit, musk, and lavender botanicals created by blending 17 Castle Glen Liqueurs.

Peach Blush Liqueur 65ml
– Whole Queensland grown Golden Peaches fermented and fortified for an intensely sweet peach fruit liqueur with hints of honey.

Lavender Liqueur 65ml
– Castle Glen Vineyard grown lavender flowers are distilled and blended with white chocolate for a rich, floral lavender liqueur that is a delight to the senses.

Lemon & Lime Liqueur 65ml
– Strong citrus overtones of the Granite Belt grown lemons and limes for a unique crisp taste.

18 YO Brandy Liqueur 65ml
– Grape wine matured in Oak Barrels for a minimum of 18 years creating a rich, smooth liqueur style Brandy.