Pistachio Liqueur

Castle Glen Pistachio Liqueur

Castle Glen’s Pistachio Liqueur is handcrafted in select small batches using medium roasted pistachios. This liqueur was also developed with the culinary arts in mind as a unique ingredient in appetizers, main dishes, and of course, spectacular desserts. Experience Castle Glen’s Pistachio Liqueur in coffee or espresso for a unique liqueur coffee celebration!

SERVING: Experience this unusual liqueur neat , on the rocks or mixed with other liqueurs to make a cocktail like The Sicilian Manhattan.

ALC/VOL: 18%

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  • Jill Donoghoe  - 29/12/2022
    First time trying the pitachio and was sold, what an amazing flavour, I love it and will be back for more.
    • Amanda Rodger  - 28/10/2019