Strawberry Liqueur

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Castle Glen's Strawberry Liqueur is created using Granite Belt grown strawberries. Fermented and fortified in the traditional English method makes this Strawberry Liqueur a great addition to the summer cocktail bar. This liqueur is bursting with sweet strawberries that linger on the palate.

SERVING: Strawberry Liqueur is growing in popularity as it is used to make exciting cocktail combinations such as a Strawberry Margarita, Martini or Daiquiri - also used in the cocktail "Traffic Lights". Try 30ml in a champagne glass and top with Sparkling Wine (brut) for a new twist on a fruity sparkling wine.

ALC/VOL: 21.00%

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  • Bede Fitzgerald  - 12/05/2020
    Only 5 /10 and I do like Strawberries