Royal Mint Liqueur

Castle Glen Royal Mint Liqueur

375ml $38.00

475ml $50.00

700ml $58.00

not available 990ml $76.50

Castle Glen’s Royal Mint Liqueur is created using Castle Glen Distillery’s Award Winning Peppermint Spirit that is blended with our White Chocolate.

Explosive Mint with delicate, White Chocolate packs a huge punch in this European style Mint liqueur, that also won an award in 2016!

Bronze Medal - Australian Distilled Spirit Awards 2016.

SERVING: Velvety, silky smooth to the last drop, the Royal Mint Liqueur is perfect straight, on the rocks, or as part of a favourite cocktail. For the whiz in the kitchen the liqueur can be creatively mixed into a dessert recipe or as dessert itself.

ALC/VOL: 25%

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  • Georgia Smith  - 30/04/2023
    Literally heavenly
    • Amanda Steel  - 05/01/2021
      Yummy, tastes like candy canes! Awesome for Christmas.
      • Gail Lunson  - 01/09/2020
        Another favorite
        • Marisa Zemmin  - 07/04/2020
          Love it. Delicious with the dark chocolate as of both worlds
          • Tara Brady  - 04/02/2020
            Perfect in a hot chocolate or mint ice-cream!