Blue Lagoon Liqueur

Castle Glen Blue Lagoon Liqueur

375ml $32.00

470ml $48.00

700ml $52.00

not available 990ml $70.00

Blue Lagoon Liqueur is created using a blend of Castle Glen Liqueur's Orange, Mandarin and Tangerine fruit liqueurs to create an intense, fruity liqueur. Blue Lagoon is a citrus fruit liqueur dyed blue to give colour to a summer cocktail - used extensively in fruit cocktails such as Fruit Tingle, Blue Hawaiian, or Blue Margarita.

Add a twist to your next glass of Sparkling Wine by adding 30ml of Blue Lagoon - a classy and elegant addition to your next dinner party.

SERVING: Top with Soda Water or Lemonade - or try it in fruit cocktails.

ALC/VOL: 21%

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