Tawny Fortress

2001 700ml $30.00

2001 2L $73.00

2001 1.97L $76.00

Only selectively handpicked Shiraz grapes from Castle Glen Vineyard are used in this preservative-free 2001 Vintage Fortified Wine. The Shiraz wine was fortified with 2 Year Old Brandy Spirit and allowed to mature for 11 years in American Oak Barrels. This Fortified Wine is rich and luscious, with concentrated fruit and a depth that is unique to the Tawny Fortified Wine. Non-filtered and racked off the barrels ensures this rich Fortified will continue to mature in the bottle for many years.

SERVING: Small quanitity - 30 - 60ml in port glass or port sipper

ALC/VOL: 21.00%