Ruby Fortress

Castle Glen Ruby Fortress

not available 2005 700ml $30.00

The Ruby Fortress is an ode to Ruby – “Three Moore Spins” – in commemoration of her life – the Ruby Fortress is made with Castle Glen Vineyard Cabernet Sauvignon grown grapes, selectively handpicked, making a soft and sophisticated rose style Fortified Wine. Bursting with a nose of chocolate, plum, and fig, the fermentation style of the Ruby Fortress gives the cabernet grape a bold presence.

Slow barrel aging in American Oak has created a beautifully rich Fortified Wine. It easily stands alone in place of any dessert, and wonderfully pairs with chocolate, cream, or fruit based desserts.

Non-filtered and racked off the barrels ensures this rich Fortified Wine will continue to mature in the bottle for many years to come – to Ruby, our Ruby Rose!

SERVING: Warm/room temperature

ALC/VOL: 18.00%

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