Cabernet Sauvignon Fortress - Vintage 2010

Castle Glen Cabernet Sauvignon Fortress - Vintage 2010

750ml $40.00

Cabernet Sauvignon Fortress often termed as a "Grandfather Port" is made with selectively handpicked Cabernet Sauvignon Grapes from Castle Glen Vineyard’s top block in this preservative-free, Vintage Fortified Wine. This rich, heavy, smooth wine was fortified with 2 Year Old Brandy and aged in oak for 13 years allowing the Cabernet grapes to develop bold tannins.

Non-filtered and racked off the barrels will ensure this rich fortified wine will continue to mature in the bottle for many years to come.

Preservative Free.

SERVING: Small quantity - 30 - 60ml in port glass or port sipper.

ALC/VOL: 22%

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