Vampire's Blood

Castle Glen Vampire

375ml $35.00

Vampires Blood is a Triple Strength Liqueur created using fermented and fortified hot chillies, Castle Glen Liqueurs' White Chocolate Liqueur, blended with The Australian Whiskey Company’s 2 Year Old Single Malt Whiskey and rich luscious caramel. The chilli gives very hot, spicy top notes with the warmth of the Whiskey and caramel to smooth out the heat – as a vampire does – it packs a bite!

(Note: Registered Trademark for Australian Whiskey Company)

SERVING: Don’t mess with it - drink straight or on the rocks.

ALC/VOL: 22%

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  • Manoj Laxman  - 15/05/2021
    loved it. Love the combination of sweet and chilli flavours
    • Jennifer Nguyen   - 25/02/2020
      This stuff is liquid gold. Great mix. Wish it came in a bigger bottle. Im a huge chilli fan and usually marinate my own booze with chilli so this is a treat!