Strawberry Creme Liqueur

not available Special, In Stores Only - 375ml $20.00

Castle Glen's Strawberry Crème Liqueur is made using fresh strawberries grown on the Granite Belt. Delicate pink in appearance, with the sweetness of summer strawberries that tempt the taste buds with a burst of fresh, ripe strawberry. The bouquet is fruit forward with subtle vanilla-cream notes and luscious fruit. The initial taste is delicately creamy, with sweet strawberry top-notes and silky cream texture. The liqueur contains strawberry fruit and strawberry Brandy that is aged for a minimum of 1 year, resulting in a clean, sublimely juicy cream finish.
A world first with "no dairy, no fat, and no egg products".

SERVING: Drink on the rocks or add to your favourite ice-cream recipe for a special dessert.

ALC/VOL: 18.00%