Award Winners

Following the success of the Royal Melbourne Fine Food Awards’ distilled spirits and liqueurs award, the RASV has created a stand-alone event to provide Australian producers of distilled spirits and liqueurs, with an essential benchmarking opportunity, to celebrate the excellence of Australian distillation and spirits making and give Australian spirits producers the opportunity to promote their spirits and liqueurs to industry and consumers.

The awards recognises the long tradition of distillation in Australia as well as the new generation of spirits and liqueur producers who have emerged over the last decade. Created in close consultation with industry experts, the new awards are reflective of an increased consumer interest and market trends and highlights the innovation and excellence demonstrated by Australian distillers.  Click here to learn more about the ADSA

Below are our Award Winning products:

Almond Liqueur
Ausie B Premium
AWC 4 Year Old Single Malt Whiskey
AWC 5 YO Wheat Whiskey
AWC 7 Year Old Single Malt Whiskey
AWC 9 Year Old Single Malt Whiskey
Bishops Choice Premium
Bitters - Aromatic
Black Knight Premium
Blueberry Liqueur
Butterscotch Liqueur
Cherry Liqueur
Ginger Liqueur
Golden Knight
Hazelnut Liqueur
Lazey Knight Liqueur
Lemoncello Liqueur
Lemoncello Spirit
Macadamia Liqueur
Mandarin Eau de Vie
Musk Stick Liqueur
Orange Brandy Premium
Orange Spirit
Pecan & Hazelnut Liqueur
Royal Mint Liqueur
Rum & Ginger Liqueur
Silver Knight Liqueur
Tia Marica Liqueur
Wicked Witch - Whiskey & Coffee Cream Liqueur
Yellow Strega Liqueur


Castle Glen Vineyard's 100% All Natural, Preservative-Free Red Wine, White Wine, Fortified Wine and Sparkling Wine (Technique Traditionelle) are all made from our very own grapes. Grown at the Granite Belt, 938m above sea-level, the grapes are hand-picked each year by our dedicated team.

All Castle Glen Wines, Fortifieds and Sparkling Wines are produced, cellared and bottled on site at the Vineyard. The wines we produce are rich and lively both in taste and appearance. From rich ruby Red Wines, and buttery to golden White Wines, smooth, delectable Fortifieds to sensational "technique traditionelle" hand-made and bottle-fermented (in the bottle you buy) Sparkling Wines, all of Castle Glen Vineyard's wines are a delight to the very last drop!

Our Sparkling Wine is the only hand-made Sparkling Wine made in Queensland using the traditional Western European technique. We also have our Sparkling Wine specially bottled with 24kt Gold added for those special occasions - truly decadent.

Sparkling Wine

Fortified Wine

Vermouth - The Glen


Honey Mead - Macadamia Nut Honey Mead - Orange Blossom


Castle Glen Liqueurs are manufactured using the Traditional English Method of fermentation and fortification using only the freshest and ripest raw natural ingredients. Real fruit, nuts, dark chocolate, white chocolate, and liquorice root are just some of the ingredients we use in our fabulous liqueurs. The result, mouth-watering, delectable liqueurs that taste of the natural ingredients they are made from.

We have a range of around 200 Liqueurs - all contained in beautiful bottles made specially for Castle Glen. There is a Liqueur to suit every person and our products are often bought as gifts. The Liqueurs with 24kt Gold are extra-special.  Castle Glen's Crème Liqueurs contain No Dairy, No Fat, and No Egg products. They are creamy to taste and their texture must be experienced to be believed. We have several Liqueurs whcih are completely unique, and we invite you to come and taste the sensation.

Castle Glen Liqueurs are All Natural and Preservative Free with no nasty chemicals. Our Liqueurs have a shelf life of over 25 years once opened, and 5 years opened for our Crème Liqueurs.


Castle Glen Australia acquired its Distillation Licence (along with its Brewery Licence) in 2009 and has developed a range of Spirits and Eau de Vie’s.

Castle Glen now has a range of quality spirits being produced by our distillery - finally a healthier alternative to the artificially flavoured and chemical-laden commercial brands.

We offer all of the usual types of spirits - Rum, Corn Spirit, Vodka, Gin and a sophisticated Mandarin Eau de Vie. We also have (amongst others) Absinthe, Yellow Strega (Yellow Galliano) and Apparg (Grappa) for the adventurous. The range of Eau de Vie’s are growing and our latest creations are Cherry Eau de Vie and Strawberry Eau de Vie. The Castle Glen Distillery range is 100% Natural of course!

Available at "The Castle" Granite Belt and Webstore only.


Beer & Cider

Acquiring our Brewery and Distillation Licence in 2009, Castle Glen went into Beer production to become the first Brewery on the Granite Belt. Castle Glen Brewery uses a technique of double fermentation and bottle maturation. The Brewery now has a range of 19 different beers.

Castle Glen Brewery's summer range of light beers such as Pale Ale, Pilsener, Wheat Beers and Lagers are a real hit with our loyal clientele. During the cooler months, Castle Glen Brewery watches over the maturing of our Autumn / Winter line-up of Draught Beer, Dark Ales such as Black Granite, and Stout. We have also added a range of Gluten-Free Beers - so there is something for everyone.

Castle Glen has always been renowned for offering alternatives to the usual alcohol line up - whether that be in Wine, Fortifieds or Liqueurs - and our Beer selection is no different. We have recently released some specialty Beers made from local Stanthorpe fruit. Cedric has been weaving his magic and put together several beers made from strawberries and cherries for those who love to try something a little bit different. Our Ginger Brew is very popular, and there are wine beers made from Chardonnay and Cabernet fruit to try as well. Our trademark range of beer is only available from our Cellar Door on the Granite Belt, or via our Online Store.

Ready to Drink

Ausie B & Cola Rum & Cola Whiskey & Ginger


Fruit Wine Vinegar

Soft Drinks

Lemonade Sparkling Water



Mixed varieties available in stores only, not online.

Bulk purchase of a desired variety can be made on prior arrangement with the Granite Belt Cellar Door.

Brittles Fudge


Some items available in stores only.

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