Queensland Delight Liqueur

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A luxuriously smooth blend of Castle Glen’s Rum, Chocolate and Coffee Liqueurs. This unique blend was carefully crafted with a Castle Glen customer. The maturation in oak barrels ensures a rich, smooth, and full-bodied liqueur. A must-have for coffee lovers!

SERVING: Straight, on the rocks, or cocktails like Espresso Martini, or try in dessert like over ice-cream or in Rum Balls!

ALC/VOL: 25.00%

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Reviews (5)

  • Dean Clark  - 22/04/2020
    • Carolyn Nelson  - 22/03/2020
      Lovely on Ice.
      • Va Palfi  - 27/01/2020
        My favourite
        • Adell Maroske  - 22/01/2020
          • Rohan Hills  - 08/12/2019
            The sort of drink you just HAVE to drink more of. It’s so nice on its own or with milk or over ice cream