Butterfly Pea Liqueur

Castle Glen Butterfly Pea Liqueur

Castle Glen’s Butterfly Pea Flower Liqueur is created using Butterfly Pea Flowers handpicked in Thailand. The Butterfly Pea Flower is steeped in alcohol to extract its unique colour, floral bouquet - then blended with white chocolate. The colour is 100% natural, derived from the flower. This botanical liqueur is light in fragrance with a botanical aroma and slightly earthy notes. A well-balanced liqueur with a harmonious integration of Butterfly Pea flowers and chocolate.

SERVING: Drink straight or on the rocks. Add a slice of lemon or tonic water and the liqueur will turn pink!! Perfect to add to a Sparkling Wine or add to your Gin for a Gin Cocktail.

ALC/VOL: 25%

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