Butterfly Pea Liqueur

Castle Glen Butterfly Pea Liqueur

500ml $50.00

Castle Glen’s Butterfly Pea Flower Liqueur is created using Butterfly Pea Flowers handpicked in Thailand. The Butterfly Pea Flower is steeped in alcohol to extract its unique colour, floral bouquet - then blended with white chocolate. The colour is 100% natural, derived from the flower. This botanical liqueur is light in fragrance with a botanical aroma and slightly earthy notes. A well-balanced liqueur with a harmonious integration of Butterfly Pea flowers and chocolate.

SERVING: Drink straight or on the rocks. Add a slice of lemon or tonic water and the liqueur will turn pink!! Perfect to add to a Sparkling Wine or add to your Gin for a Gin Cocktail.

ALC/VOL: 25%

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