Amoure Liqueur

Castle Glen Amoure Liqueur

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Amoure Liqueur is created using a blend of 17 Castle Glen Liqueurs. Amoure is a sweet, fragrant liqueur with hints of fruit, musk, and lavender botanicals.
Sip slowly and feel the rich and intense notes of sweetness. Amoure is often served with a dry Sparkling Wine (Brut) to make an unusual Sparkling Cocktail. It is also perfect neat or on the rocks.

Makes a great addition to a cocktail - team with Castle Glen Liqueurs' Lemon & Lime Liqueur and add a dash of soda water for a lively cocktail.

SERVING: Enjoy neat or on the rocks. Add Sparkling Wine for an unusual cocktail.

ALC/VOL: 25%

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