Castle Glen Brewery's summer range of light beers such as Pale Ale, Pilsener, Wheat Beers and Lagers are a real hit with our loyal clientele. During the cooler months, Castle Glen Brewery watches over the maturing of our Autumn / Winter line-up of Draught Beer, Dark Ales such as Black Granite, and Stout. We have also added a range of Gluten-Free Beers - so there is something for everyone.

Available at "The Castle" Granite Belt and Webstore only.

Double Dark Ale
(8% ALC)
Gluten Free
(4.5% ALC)
Granite Ale
(9% ALC)
Pale Ale
(9.2% ALC)
Pilsner Beer
(7% ALC)
Summit Stout
(5% ALC)
Wheat Beer
(6% ALC)