Queensland Delight Liqueur

Castle Glen Queensland Delight Liqueur

375ml $38.00

375ml $38.00

500ml $50.00

500ml $50.00

500ml $50.00

not available 500ml $55.00

700ml $58.00

Plastic Refill Bottle 2L $156.50

1.97L $160.00

A luxuriously smooth blend of Castle Glen’s Rum, Chocolate and Coffee Liqueurs. This unique blend was carefully created with a Castle Glen customer. The maturation in oak barrels ensures a rich, smooth, and full-bodied liqueur. A must-have for coffee lovers!

Bronze Medal - Australian Distilled Spirits Awards 2020.

SERVING: Straight, on the rocks, or cocktails like Espresso Martini, or try in dessert like over ice-cream or in Rum Balls!

ALC/VOL: 25.00%

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  • Noel Harris  - 21/04/2022
    Great taste! on ice on it's own or with dash of milk.
    • Andrew Dieckmann  - 01/02/2022
      Best coffee liqueur I've ever tasted, hands down!
      • Jason Vogler  - 20/12/2021
        This is perfect for relaxing after dinner. Also good as a remedy for sore throat and runny nose if you are starting to get the flu.
        • John Porter  - 18/09/2021
          Delicious, all you need to do is serve chilled or over ice. I highly recommend this product.
          • David Gough  - 28/07/2021
            Again flavour is great
            • Alan Hotchin  - 17/03/2021
              Simply amazing!
              • Michela Santin  - 15/03/2021
                The best!!!
                • Tina Hatzioannou  - 07/02/2021
                  Great flavour
                  • Diane Hillyard  - 15/01/2021
                    This is to die for. Rum, chocolate and coffee ... what’s not to like!
                    • Esther Diplock  - 31/12/2020
                      • Kerry Tombleson  - 31/10/2020
                        Dink it straight or in a coffee. Yum yum.
                        • Ken Fletcher  - 17/09/2020
                          Should have bought a bigger bottle
                          • Joa Erpf  - 28/08/2020
                            Enjoyed by all four of us
                            • Daryl Beinke  - 23/07/2020
                              Flavor burst
                              • Lloyd Ballantine  - 19/07/2020
                                Always smooth and beautiful. The caffeine is subtle with more of the chocolate being detectable to the palette. The caffeine is appreciated when sipped gently while hours are spent studying; as an alternative to coffee this drop does not increase the heart rate but aids in removing writers block when enjoyed responsibly. If only the bottle could be ordered with a label a bit less bogan, but this is Queensland ;) “Write drunk, edit sober” - Hemmingway
                                • Dean Clark  - 22/04/2020
                                  • Carolyn Nelson  - 22/03/2020
                                    Lovely on Ice.
                                    • Va Palfi  - 27/01/2020
                                      My favourite
                                      • Adell Maroske  - 22/01/2020
                                        • Rohan Hills  - 08/12/2019
                                          The sort of drink you just HAVE to drink more of. It’s so nice on its own or with milk or over ice cream