Musk Stick Liqueur

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A sweet, fragrant liqueur made with real musk thistle oil which is fortified with Castle Glen's white chocolate. Drink straight, on the rocks, mix with lemonade or soda water, or use in a cocktail like Castle Glen Liqueurs' "Fairy Kisses" Cocktail.
Add to whipped cream, your favourite cake or dessert, or pour over your favourite ice-cream.

Bronze Medal - Australian Distilled Spirits Awards 2015.

SERVING: You are limited only by your imagination with this one!

ALC/VOL: 25.00%

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Reviews (15)

  • Wendy Luken  - 29/03/2020
    Strong, Delicious, Perfect!
    • Natasha Cameron  - 28/03/2020
      Awesome with lemonade or Sosa water
      • Cheryl Hamilton  - 14/03/2020
        • Luke Greenaway  - 19/02/2020
          • Kia Winbank  - 11/02/2020
            It is a must have purchase every time we visit Castle Glen
            • Lea Robertson  - 06/02/2020
              • Jessica Moore  - 30/01/2020
                Tastes just like the musk stick lollies. Great mixed with lemonade.
                • Emma Louise  - 24/01/2020
                  Absolutely wild! No weird after tastes and doesn’t taste like “sort of musk sticks” it’s like you ate a pack of musks sticks and then realised you are very tipsy
                  • Ilze Michaleff  - 05/01/2020
                    Good fun
                    • Joanne Volkmer  - 04/01/2020
                      Love this one.
                      • Stephen Mead  - 12/12/2019
                        Loved it - buying some more
                        • Drew Thomson  - 04/12/2019
                          One of my absolute favorites! great for shots and nice with vodka
                          • Denise Harris  - 07/11/2019
                            Never had anything like this before. Superb
                            • Amanda Rodger  - 28/10/2019
                              I can't wait to start drinking this little beauty and I love the bottle.
                              • Chrys Robins  - 20/10/2019
                                Amazing as always.