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Big Review TV - Montville - 27th August 2018

Big review TV Montville Cellar door.

Big Review TV - Stanthorpe - 27th August 2018

Stanthorpe Cellar Door on Big review TV

Big Review TV - Mount Tamborine - 27th August 2018

Big review TV segment on the Tamborine Cellar Door.

Castle Glen short promo - 26th August 2018

Castle Glen short promo
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A short promo of the Cellar Door by Big review T.V

The Solar-Powered Castle - 1st January 2015

Castle Glen has always been environmentally conscious - developing and running a vineyard with organic practices - minimizing the risk to ourselves, our customers and the environment Castle Glen has always worked on ways to eliminate the nasty chemicals found in vineyards and preservatives in wine products today, as well as minimizing our footprint on the environment.
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With renewed vigor and cashing in, well who doesn't want to be financially responsible, on the government's incentives to reduce carbon and reduce direct costs of manufacture, Castle Glen's efforts to tackle pollution are paying off. That's not to say that our delicious array of products aren't still as fabulous and tasty as ever, but we are leading the world along with a number of brew houses in Australia in cutting our pollution.

The project has already reduced Castle Glen's carbon emissions intensity by 87% and savings expectations are over $15,000 in electricity bills per year

Castle Glen seized the opportunity to go greener running a manufacturing facility, warehouse, cellar door and vineyard using the power of the sun and wind. We always knew that we could make significant savings. Receiving an AusIndustry Grant to build a 21.1kW solar panel system was just common sense.

Castle Glen engaged the services of Aesco a leading Australian Energy Services Company who analysed electricity usage, recommended a comprehensive solar, wind and lighting solution.

It was an economic decision first and foremost, and enables us to continue to be as environmentally conscious as we can. We've definitely seen some significant cost savings in the few months that we've had the solar system implemented. We have a vineyard that takes care to have as small an impact on the climate as possible, of course, but principally this decision was about cost savings and electricity savings. And on both counts, it's worked.

Castle Glen has always looked at ways to lower its environmental impact and with the help of Aesco the opportunity to go even greener came with the Clean Technology Food and Foundries Investment Program offering grants.

This is our story of how our environmentally conscious practices, along with the Australian government putting a price on pollution is working for Castle Glen. It isn't always glamorous, but by making changes in lighting, improving equipment, installing solar panels and a wind turbine (coming this year), all with the support of grants that are made possible by Australia's price on pollution, our line-up of products are getting even better. All Castle Glen customers can drink with a clean green conscious - making a difference to our planet with every sip!