2020 Australian Distilled Spirits Awards

Fruit Liqueur

Bronze Medal - Raspberry Liqueur

Castle Glen's Raspberry Liqueur is made using 100% Granite Belt grown Raspberries with the sweet taste of summer. This sweet flavourful liqueur captures you in its aroma before even touching the taste buds and delights you with just what you anticipated. A taste of fresh, crushed Raspberries! Only Available in our Tamborine Mountain Store. Bronze Medal - Australian Distilled Spirits Awards 2020.

Following the success of the Royal Melbourne Fine Food Awards’ distilled spirits and liqueurs award, the RASV has created a stand-alone event to provide Australian producers of distilled spirits and liqueurs, with an essential benchmarking opportunity, to celebrate the excellence of Australian distillation and spirits making and give Australian spirits producers the opportunity to promote their spirits and liqueurs to industry and consumers.

The awards recognises the long tradition of distillation in Australia as well as the new generation of spirits and liqueur producers who have emerged over the last decade. Created in close consultation with industry experts, the new awards are reflective of an increased consumer interest and market trends and highlights the innovation and excellence demonstrated by Australian distillers.