2017 Australian Distilled Spirits Awards - Fruit Brandy (Brandy)

Bronze Medal - Orange Brandy

Castle Glen Distillery’s Orange Brandy – Bronze Medal (ADA 2017) - has beautiful amber colour from the fruit and zest of the orange. The Orange Brandy has a medium brandy nose with heat from the 35% alcohol strength. The Orange Brandy is smooth and has strong bitter-sweet orange notes followed up by the distinct Australian matured brandy. It has a nice complexity and remains balanced and approachable making it a really good orange spirit for sipping.

Royal Agricultural Society of Victoria (RASV) conducted the first Australian Distilled Spirits Awards (ADSA) in 2015, after the success of the Royal Melbourne Fine Food Awards’ distilled spirits and liqueurs categories.

The awards provide Australian distillers with an essential benchmarking opportunity, celebrate the excellence of Australian distillation and spirits production and give producers the opportunity to promote their spirits and liqueurs to industry and consumers.

The awards recognise the long tradition of distillation in Australia, as well as the new generation of emerging spirits and liqueur producers. Created in close consultation with industry experts, the awards are reflective of the burgeoning industry,increased consumer interest and market trends and highlight the innovation and excellence demonstrated by Australian distillers.

The awards are judged by Australia’s leading experts in spirits and liqueurs from across the industry.