Castle Glen Distillery

Castle Glen Australia acquired its Distillation Licence (along with its Brewery Licence) in 2009 and has developed a range of Spirits and Eau de Vie’s.

Castle Glen Distillery Castle Glen now has a range of quality spirits being produced by our distillery - finally a healthier alternative to the artificially flavoured and chemical-laden commercial brands.

We offer all of the usual types of spirits - Rum, Corn Spirit, Vodka, Gin and a sophisticated Mandarin Eau de Vie. We also have (amongst others) Absinthe, Yellow Strega (Yellow Galliano) and Apparg (Grappa) for the adventurous. The range of Eau de Vie’s are growing and our latest creations are Cherry Eau de Vie and Strawberry Eau de Vie. The Castle Glen Distillery range is 100% Natural of course!

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