Corporate / Personalised Labelling

Would you or your company like to have your own corporate/personalised label on a bottle of liqueur,
wine, fortified wine or sparkling wine?

Castle Glen provides Corporate/personalised labelling for a huge range of our products. We create labels for individuals and companies from your current logo or your design. You will need to provide this artwork/sketch with your order. Two weeks lead time is required upon payment confirmation.

Are there products that Castle Glen would recommend as Corporate/Personalised Label Products?

We can provide Corporate/personalised labelling for our Liqueurs, Wines, Fortified Wines and Sparkling Wines in many different sizes.

Our Castle Glen Liqueurs and our Castle Glen Liqueurs with Gold look fantastic when given Corporate or Personalised Labels. We recommend using our Trumpet Bottle for extra exposure. Those who receive a Liqueur or a Liqueur with Gold in a Trumpet Bottle tend to leave the bottle unopened on the bar for a long time because the product looks great in a fantastic bottle.

One of our best sellers for Custom/Personalised Labelling is Whiskello Liqueur with 24kt Gold, Whiskey Caramel Liqueur. Lots of Customers love Whiskello with Gold because it looks and tastes great.

What are all the bottle sizes available for Corporate/personalised labelling?

We provide our products in 65ml, 375ml, 700ml 750ml wine or Champagne bottle and our 750ml Trumpet Bottle.

Is there a minimum quantity for Corporate/personalised labelling?

The minimum quantity for corporate/personalised orders is one carton or multiples of one carton

The Carton quantity is:

  • 65ml CGL Bottle - 24 per carton
  • 375ml CGL Bottle- 12 per carton
  • 700ml CGL Bottle - 12 per carton
  • 700ml Teardrop Shape Bottle - 6 per carton (Fortified Wine Only)
  • 750ml Standard Wine Bottle - 12 per carton
  • 750ml Champagne Bottle - 12 per carton
  • 750ml Trumpet Bottle - 4 per carton


How much lead time is required to order Corporate/personalised labelling?

2 weeks lead time required upon confirmation of payment.

Wedding Favours - Bridal Favours

Are you a Bride or Groom looking for different, unique Wedding Favours or Bridal Favours?

Castle Glen would love to be a guest at your wedding! Talk to us today about ordering your wedding/bridal favours with personalised labels.