Caring For Your Products

It is important to note that all of Castle Glen Australia’s products are ALL NATURAL –
this means they do not contain preservatives.


When purchasing wine it is important to note that sometimes your wine may arrive at its destination and be fizzing slightly in the bottle. This is due to heat exposure which starts off a secondary fermentation – this is NORMAL when an ALL NATURAL wine is exposed to heat that can be experienced, particularly when left in vehicles for extended period of time or exposed to direct sunlight.

The wine is perfectly fine to drink and WILL NOT HARM YOU.

We recommend that you place the bottle of wine in the fridge and chill prior to opening. This reduces the amount of fizziness and helps with opening the bottle. If you want the wine to drink as a still wine, leave the bottle in the fridge with the cap slightly loose and the fermenting gas will dissipate.


When purchasing crème liqueurs as they contain 'No Dairy', 'No Egg' they do not need refrigeration, however we do recommend that they are kept out of direct sunlight and away from extreme heat. Crème Liqueurs will keep for 5+ years and all other liqueurs will keep for 15+ years even once opened.